What Are Contingencies?

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It is where a buyer has made an offer on a home, and the seller has accepted it, but the finalized sale is contingent upon specific criteria being met. These criteria, or contingencies, typically fall under four major categories: appraisal, loan approval, inspections and, reports and disclosures. The buyer has the time to do their due diligence in all of these areas.

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In regards to inspections, in our area, the typical inspections are home inspection, roof and chimney inspection, termite inspection, and if your home has septic or well expect for inspections to be done on those as well. Depending on where you live, the buyer may want to have other inspections like mold, HVAC, soil, etc. It depends on what is customary due to problems or issues that typically arise in the area.

In regards to reports, those encompass full disclosure on both inside and outside of anything and everything to do with the home. Watch the disclosure video to see what you should disclose. In regards to reports, there are also title and escrow reports, State and local reports, and disclosures that the buyer has time to review during the contingency time frames. The contingency time frames are agreed upon in the initial contract and, in most cases, are around 7-17 days.

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Still, in some cases, you can have a “no contingencies” if the buyer wrote an aggressive offer. In California, once you remove your contingencies, your deposit is at risk, so be sure not to remove them until you know you’re o.k. With all of the aspects of the home. You can ask for an extension if you need more time, and the seller would have to agree. The good news is that once all contingencies are removed, you have much more assurance that the home will close. 

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Curb Appeal

You wouldn’t believe that there are a few hacks when you’re selling your home to ensure that you get maximum exposure.

Hi, I’m Cristobal Jimenez, with Coldwell Banker. In this video, I will talk about the outside of your home.  Curb appeal.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, but you have to understand the importance of it. Many times buyers won’t even walk through a home that doesn’t look cleaned up from the outside.   

There are a few simple tricks that can save you money and maximize your return on investment at the same time. Here’s an example, utilizing black bark and adding a few flowers or plants that pop can take an old ugly yard and turn it from frumpy to fabulous.

Maybe you’re wondering if the entire outside needs a new paint job. Have you considered just painting the front door and trim, many times that alone can spruce up the outer appearance and look as though the entire home had a new paint job?

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Right before pictures, be sure to water down the concrete or pavement as it will enhance the photos and make the home pop.

Also, be sure to trim up the trees, landscape, and roses. If you’ve got so many trees that it hides the home, well, you’re losing buyers.

Lastly, Be sure that all of your exterior lights are working, and the house is well lit up at night.

We’ve got many more tips to ensure that once we get a buyer to see your home, they are more likely to write on it. Be sure to call me, and  I will make it happen.

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Three Holiday Safety Tips

Christmas is an amazing time full of Joy, Happiness and … shopping. I want you enjoy the Holidays as much as you can. To have an amazing Christmas with your family and friends. I want to share 3 safety tips according to the San Diego Police department.

  1. Don’t display gifts by your window or doors.

2. Don’t advertise what you got for Christmas by putting the empty boxes out on trash day. Break the boxes in pieces and put them in dark trash bags.

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3. Don’t forget to stop mail and newspaper if you are going out of town. You could also ask a neighbor to pick it up for you.

This is Cristobal Jimenez with Coldwell Banker, let’s buy and sell Strategically!

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The Three Essentials When Selling

You decided to sell your house, know what?

There are Three Essentials for Selling Your Home Faster & for the Most Amount of Money.

  1. Offer Home Warranty to the Buyers (typically one year) Gives buyer assurance that if any issues come up, they will get fixed for a nominal fee. A Licensed professional will take care of the problem. The buyers aren’t worried about having to come up with additional money later on that they don’t have. Home Warranties typically cover appliances, like microwave, stove, range, dishwasher, garbage disposal, refrigerator. Water Heater, AC/Heat. If the house has a pool for an additional cost, the home warranty could cover the pool equipment.
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2. Have all Disclosures In-Hand Before Going on MLS (TDS, SPQ, Natural Hazard) Saves you time and money. Less chance of buyer’s remorse or fallout. It keeps buyers away who may have problems with any disclosed items. Over-disclosing is the best thing you could do; it protects you if any issues were to come up after the sale of the property. Don’t be afraid of disclosing because it may scare buyers away. You want the right buyer for your house.

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3. Be as Flexible as Possible With Showings and Have the Home SHOW Ready. You want your home sold, so make it as available as possible. Don’t allow a buyer to fall in love with another home when they could have fallen in love with yours first. Many buyers stop after they found “the one”; Be sure your home smells nice and is clean. If a buyer sees a home that is dirty and un-kept, they will assume you have not properly maintained your home. The first impression counts if the house smells, it will cause the buyers to want to leave, even if the floor plan is ideal for them. Especially when you have pets, have a strategy in place with your agent(partner) to make sure you have the window that you need to make sure the house is show-ready.

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Being Transparent and Taking Care of Any Issues or Problems Before Listing. Buyers and their agents welcome the transparency in purchasing a home from a seller who has taken the time to be as diligent as possible in fixing any issues, as well as fully disclosing any previous issues. Also, it ensures that any problems, issues, or concerns are dealt with prior to going into escrow so that you don’t waste your precious time, resources, and money. Consider Getting Seller’s Coverage: Helps Pay for Most Issues That Arise After You Put Your Home on the Market and the Cost is Nominal.

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Identity Theft

It’s never going to happen to me. That’s what I used to say, until one afternoon when I came back from work, my wife picked up the mail earlier and told me asked me why did you apply for a Walmart CC, she handed me the envelope with the new Credit Card, my heart started racing. It wasn’t me the one who applied for it. As we sorted the mail, we also found a Credit Card for Best Buy and Target. I felt butterflies in my stomach; I didn’t know what to do. I called the Credit Card companies to find out more. To my surprise, all the information matched, current address, SSN, DL Number, Name, except the contact information. My first thought I want a new SSN, I thought you could change it, boy I was wrong, I am sticking to this number until the day I die. In 2018, 18 million people in the US suffered from Identity Theft. It’s an equivalent of 16 Billion dollars of debt. 3.3 million people were liable to pay it back.

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I will share with you the three steps that I followed, and they prevented me from the financial liability, I still had to fix all the leftover mess.

  1. I called one of the Credit Bureaus to place a 90-day fraud alert. This alert is distributed to the remaining two bureaus, so everyone is aware of the situation. Boy, if that was helpful. I spent 30 mins validating my identity over the phone and updating all the data appropriately. Once I did, my phone rang every 5-10 mins with a new inquiry. I declined all of them. My phone stopped ringing after the 3rd day.
  2. File a Police Report right away. In some locations, you could do it online or even over the phone. I did mine over the weekend over the phone and the following Monday I went police station with all the credit cards, and other “evidence” that I had, I wanted to have my report documented as much as I could. I became an investigator, and Indeed found the physical BestBuy store that the thief went to buy some electronics. I asked for the videotape; however, Best Buy would only release it to the police, and the detective assigned to my case wasn’t interested enough, and he never did anything. It doesn’t surprise me.
  3. Pull a full credit report from the 3 Bureaus. This is when the fun starts and when reality hits. That’s when you realize how fast a stranger can destroy your credit. It only took me three days to go from 740 to 349. There was very little I could do the damage was already done, I focus my energy on fixing it. I sorted the unauthorized CCs with active credit and called them. I was transferred to the fraud department, and the first thing they will do is close the Line of Credit. Then they will launch an internal investigation to find out if you are liable to pay the debt back. One of the first documents you will be asked to share is the police report! Yes!! I had one; after weeks of uncertainty. I received a few letters in the mail from the fraud departments where they were releasing me of the financial liability. I wouldn’t be responsible for paying back. It was a loss to them.

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Nowadays, with technology like apple pay, RFID enabled Credit Cards, online shopping, Venmo, online banking. They had a useful purpose of making our lives easier there is also a dark side of it, are you prepared in case it happens to you?

Let’s Buy and Sell Strategically!

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December 2019 Market Update

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Hey San Diego, are you ready for our National Market Update?

We are seeing lower interest rates right now than we’ve seen since the beginning of 2018. Interest rates are also expected to remain low through 2021 according to the big dogs like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This means it’s an excellent time to purchase a home.

Lower interest rates means that more buyers are also able to qualify for a home and also more buyers can qualify for higher loan amounts,  if you’re selling an upper-end home, now may be a good time to think about selling, because this means that there are more buyers who can actually qualify for a higher priced home.

Now, let’s look at rents. If you track rents from 1988, rents continue to increase significantly. Rents are not going down, but they’re actually going up in small increments up to 3% due to Rent Control Regulations.

I just recently heard the story of a young woman who had been renting in Concord for 20 years, and she had paid $1,800 a month in rents, which is $432,000 in rent. Imagine, that’s the cost of a home. She could have owned that home outright as well as gotten the mortgage write-off, which equates to thousands and thousands of dollars every single year.

Lastly, let’s end with this, all the talk about the recession. Some people are on the fence as whether they should buy now or they should wait to sell. I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it again until it sinks in. Recession does not mean housing crisis.

Housing prices actually went up in three out of the last five recessions, so don’t let all that worry you. With interest rates expected to stay low and rents going up, now is a great time to buy and sell or buy an investment property, and remember, please reach out to me anytime.

I am always here to help, Let’s Buy and Sell Strategically. My name is Cristobal Jimenez with Coldwell Banker.

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Sell Strategically!

The more you find yourself considering a move, the more you’ll discover how complicated the whole transition can be.  The internet could simplify it or make it worse, extremely overwhelming.

Most of the time, that’s when fear of the unknown kicks in and prevents us from taking action.  I want to serve you and take that fear away and make it an exciting process.

With me, you will have a clear strategy to make this as easy as possible. My business philosophy is built around education, communication, and responsiveness. I get my real sense of worth by showing you how best to optimize this transition by leveraging resources, technology, and a team of professionals to make sure you have peace of mind during this process.

My mentor, Krista Mashore.

I have been on your shoes multiple times, and selling can be an overwhelming process, especially when you have an emotional attachment to the property, I have been on very stressful transactions, I have been on smooth transactions, and I have been on OKAY transactions. The main difference was on the strategy if any shared with us at the beginning of the process. Let me serve YOU.

This is Cristobal Jimenez with Coldwell Banker, Let’s Buy and Sell Strategically.

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Where Do You Get The Protein?

One of the questions that I get asked the most when we became vegans is, where do you get the protein from, and to help answer that question, I am here with Karina, who is a vegan/vegetarian nutritionist. She helped us made the transition to veganism.

I would like you to share with us, where do vegans/vegetarians get their protein from.

That is a very common question; there are a lot of people with that concern. Why? How do we substitute the protein?

Once we make the transition to vegetarian or even veganism, which is a diet a bit more extreme than vegetarianism because we are talking about excluding all foods of animal origin, how are we going to replace the protein from the meat?

With plant-based food, today, that concern is only a myth. To think that we can’t get enough protein from a plant-based diet, it shouldn’t be a concern; it shouldn’t be a concern. It’s only a myth.
You get the protein straight from the vegetables. The group of food with a higher content of protein is legumins.

To be able to meet the recommendations that our body needs, we have to balance the group of foods, to be able to meet the recommendations that our body needs we have to balance the group of foods.

We have the group of the fats, that is to say, oilseeds, what are they nuts and seeds. We have the group of the legumens; we are referring to beans, lentils, broad beans,  tempeh, tofu, every variety of beans, garbanzo beans.

All the varieties mention before belonging to the group of legumins, which have a lot of protein, and we have the group of the grains like quinoa, barley, wheat, rice, corn or polenta which is made of corn, we have amaranth, we have a lot of variety, Kamut; we have triticale also known in English as buckwheat and … well there are a lot of grains.

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Should you wait until Spring to list?

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Should you wait until the spring to list your home, or list right after the holidays? 

That is an excellent question. I always advise sellers that one of the best times to list is right after the holidays. I like to have their home ready to go on the market right after the first of the year when all the fluff and hype is done.

Why you may ask? During the winter most of the buyers that are indeed looking are ready to buy and won’t kick tires. Most listings come on the market the second quarter of each year. So if you wait for the spring, there’s going to be a dramatic increase in the number of other homes coming on the market that you’re actually competing with. As a matter of fact, the number of homes for sale actually goes down about 40 to 60% in January and February as compared to the springtime.

I often have people say to me and ask me, well, Cristobal; there are more buyers during the springtime. This is true. However, if a seller waits until April, May, and June, the number of buyers goes up.

So the higher the number of properties listed, the more competition. And also, fewer buyers are actually buying, so it’s actually worse for a seller to wait until springtime. If you’re selling, you want more money, right? Well, of course, you do, which means that right after the holidays is an excellent time to sell.

So please reach out to me at any time, as I am always here to help. Let’s buy and sell strategically. #CallCristobal at 619-500-2899 or email me at cristobal@integrity.realestate