Three Holiday Safety Tips

Christmas is an amazing time full of Joy, Happiness and … shopping. I want you enjoy the Holidays as much as you can. To have an amazing Christmas with your family and friends. I want to share 3 safety tips according to the San Diego Police department.

  1. Don’t display gifts by your window or doors.

2. Don’t advertise what you got for Christmas by putting the empty boxes out on trash day. Break the boxes in pieces and put them in dark trash bags.

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3. Don’t forget to stop mail and newspaper if you are going out of town. You could also ask a neighbor to pick it up for you.

This is Cristobal Jimenez with Coldwell Banker, let’s buy and sell Strategically!

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Author: IntegrityRealEstateGroup

Multicultural and bilingual, Cristobal brings a unique outlook as a resource to the San Diego County Real Estate Market. Cristobal is passionate about educating & providing options people don’t know they have. Cristobal is dedicated to integrity and professionalism from beginning to end with the primary goal to assist, educate and add value in any way that he can. Cristobal embodies perseverance, tenacity, discipline, systems and negotiation skills. He enjoys helping individuals and families needing to buy a home or sell a property. Cristobal’s upbringing and training are responsible for the discipline, attention to detail and follow-through he brings to his work. He has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Systems Engineering. His professional experience includes problem-solving as a senior consultant for translational enterprises. Moving to San Diego county area, Cristobal knew that it was time for him to pursue his lifelong dream and join the real estate industry. Cristobal is able to exercise his superior observational and organizational skills while completing every transaction with sensitivity to his clients’ needs and goals. Cristobal’s mantra, how you do anything is how you do everything, he strongly believes is the key to long-term relationships

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