January 2020 – National Market Update

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Buyer’s purchasing power is increasing across the nation. That’s great for buyers because it means it’s easier to purchase a home and it’s also great for sellers because it means buyers can qualify for more money. Hi I’m Cristobal Jimenez, with Coldwell Banker. Helping buyers and sellers right here in San Diego County buy and sell their perfect home.

Recently,  First American did a report showing that home prices are up by +5.7 percent which would have a negative effect on buyers purchasing power, roughly $21,300, however, Mortgage rates are down .85% which actually means a buyer purchasing power would go up by $40,200. Also, wages are up by 1.5%.  So if you take all of these numbers into consideration that means that a buyer’s purchasing power is  actually up by $24,500.  

This is great news, but some people are still feeling a little nervous about buying or selling because of all of the talk of the recession.  While we know that a recession is coming, check out the study from Porch.com which shows that Americans choose Real Estate as the safest investment even over a savings account, gold or stocks and bonds.  And don’t forget rental prices continue to go up and owning a home has substantial tax benefits,  so reach out to me and I’ll help you buy your dream home or sell and get you a new one.

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Dia de los Muertos

It is a Mexican tradition that honors the dead. It takes place on November 1st and 2nd.  It is a reminder that we are all going to die, that death is part of life, and we should celebrate it.

An essential part of the day of the dead is the offerings (ofrendas), also known as “Altares” which are full of elements and symbolism. The most crucial element to me is the image of your loved ones. I have been honoring my grandparents for many years.

Papel Picado represents Joy, Happiness, that’s why it is very colorful and comes in different shapes.

Velas, Veladoras (Candles) are considered as a guiding light in this world.

Flor de Cempazuchil:  It is a symbol of the sun’s glow, which was considered the origin of everything. It serves as a guide for the souls of our loved ones to indicate the path to get home.

Photo: heraldodemexico

Water: Reflects the purity of the soul, the endless cycle of the regeneration of life; a glass of water serves for the spirit to quench his/her thirst after the journey from the world of the dead.

Pan De Muerto: represents the skeleton of your loved ones. It is a moment to bring joy and you display their favorite foods and drinks at the altar. I discovered so many dishes my grandmothers liked, that I didn’t know and I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for this tradition, I also found out that one of my grandmothers used to smoke, she quit when my sister and I were born.

Photo: pinaenlacocina

Copal and incense: Copal is a pre-Hispanic element that cleanses and purifies the energies of a place and those of those who use it; Incense purifies the environment. And it also serves as a guide to our dead, so they can find their way home.

Photo: sagegoddess

I really enjoy putting the altar together as a family and while we are doing we share good memories of our daughters’ great grandparents and get to know them a bit.

It is a way to keep your ancestors and loved ones remembered, who already left this world, in your heart and your mind, you keep them alive while you remember them.

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